Thanks for visiting Consumer PR Play-By-Play!

On this blog, I’ll play armchair quarterback, commenting on the communication successes and failures brands make. But before I get started, It’d be rude not to share a bit about who I am and what I do.

My name is Austin Lacter. I’m a senior at the University of Oregon studying public relations in the nationally renowned School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). In June, I’ll graduate from the j-school and enter the wide world of public relations.

Apart from my work as a student, I’m also the Firm Director at Allen Hall Public Relations, the University of Oregon’s student-run firm. In this role, I oversee 60 student account account executives as they plan, implement and execute real campaigns for 14 client accounts.

But wait… there’s more! I’m also the SOJC’s social media coordinator, where I manage the school’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also perform typical PR-related tasks (e.g. content curation, press release wizardry, and the like) in this role, reporting directly to the director of communication.

I’ve always had an interest in consumer technology, evidenced by the fact that my first stop on wsj.com is always the tech section. I’m also an avid sports fan, following everything from English Premier League soccer, to my beloved Blazers, Niners, and of course the Mighty Oregon Ducks. I’m currently on the hunt for work as a communicator in either one of these industries.

Thanks again for visiting! Check back soon for post #2.


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