Tebow, T-Mobile outshine Peyton in Super Bowl XLVIII


T-Mobile stole the show on Super Bowl Sunday by partnering with Tim Tebow.  The Heisman Trophy winner, former Denver Broncos quarterback, and all-around great guy appeared in two spots during the big game. Most football fans are aware that Tebow has been without an NFL contract since last August, which makes him the perfect pitch man for T-Mobile’s no contract cell phone plans. The move likely left CMO’s across the country scratching their heads, asking, “Who’s our perfect partner?”

Stars aligned for the brand in terms of a layered story. Let’s not forget that Peyton Manning triggered Tebow’s downward spiral to NFL irrelevance by ousting him from his post as the Broncos signal caller. Peyton’s lack-luster performance in combination with the T-Mobile Tebow spot inspired thousands of fans to tweet memes and photos suggesting the Broncos should “bring Tebow back” in the second half. This resulted in “Tim Tebow” and “#TebowMobile” trending on Twitter at various points throughout the game. I’d argue T-Mobile should’ve taken more advantage of Tebow’s 2.6 million Twitter followers to add fuel to the social conversation, but today was a victory for the brand nonetheless.

Partnering with Tebow was also a smart move in part because he isn’t directly affiliated with an NFL team. Brands like State Farm have lost in the past by basing their campaigns on the success of one team. Those Green Bay Packers discount double-check ads lost their relevance after Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers shellacked them on their home field.

In my opinion, T-Mobile’s decision to partner with Tebow and re-ignite Tebow Mania gives them the title of Best Super Bowl partnership of 2014.

Watch the Tebow T-Mobile ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTaH-OtUv94


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